So many names!

July 31, 2011

Put yourself in this senario.
Your at a function/party/outing and you meet 20 odd people who you are all introduced to and by the end of the night you are bombarded with so many names your amazeds you can remember your own, so what do you do?
Well you have to options

1: Politley ask for them to repeat their name again
2: Give them a nickname

I like to go for option 2 personally as well as being creative it also means the person remembers you!!!

So next time you are stuck in tricky situation think creative and diffrent and fingers crossed the person can apprectiate good humor!


Have you ever spent the night out with friends or maybe even that special someone and found yourself thinking about several fairly philosophical topics all at once???


Don’t worry somehow I don’t believe you’re the only one.

But this isn’t about wether or not you have a highly active mind. This is about a few of the things I thought of when I went out tonight.

To start off this what i’m sure will be an intellectual blog (I know it sounds like an oxy-moron but they do exsist)
I think its best how I started my night.

It all started at around 5:30 in the afternoon and I was about to get ready for what would turn out to be an awesome night out (I realise this has already started like a teenage blog but it gets worse before it gets better)

So I was getting ready when I came to realiztion I had no clothes to wear!!! (Told you it gets worse before it gets better)
So I had no clothes to wear and then it dawned on me I did have clothes they just weren’t what “society” would call “cool” this is because none of my clean clothes were branded. They weren’t Levi jeans or *insert appropriate brand here* tops they were mostly what I would call home brand clothes you know the basics!

So what is the worlds huge fascintion or obsession with branding??
While yes I do agree it’s impossible to live without some form of branding in our life. I don’t believe that you have to only wear branded clothes to be cool.
Whats the diffrence between 
$100 Levi’s and $20 no brand jeans ?
Nothing except that one will entitle you to some rep at school while the other pair will get you mocked.
What’s up with that???

Brands aren’t useless. Ok I am in no way fully against brands however what I dont understand is the way people behave towards other people due to the clothes the wear.


A persons personality dosen’t change due to their apperance.
So why are we judging people like it does??

O.k I’m sure there is some unwritten rule stating that is just sad to post a certain number blogs within an hour unless something exciting happens.

Oh well I don’t care!!!

I don’t see much of a difference between me writing a blog on a late friday night 3 or 4 times than updating my status on Facebook every 5 minutes, having it say something along the lines of “I’m bored who else is up? Why does the world hate me?” or whatever repetitive dribble teenage girls decide to write these days, because let’s face it if it’s not about Twilight these days they’re all off being anorexic or lesbian (please note I have nothing against anorexic or Homosexuals but it annoys me when people start to do it as attention seeking behaviour)

And has anyone else noticed that!!!
Teenagers especially girls are SO attention seeking!!! (Second note: I am a teenage girl but me and a few others are the exception to this rule)

The other day I was in the bathrooms at school and I over heard a group of 13-year-old girls talk about how Jersey shore was their favourite program!! and how J-Wow was their role model!!!
Now I do enjoy Jersey Shore if  it happens to be on but I don’t feel the need to live like that especially if I was 13!!
I mean to say when I was 13 I was still watching Disney Channel!!

Oh and the things these young girls are wearing these days!!!!
Honestly who lets there 12-year-old go out in some of the things these girls wear (not trying to sound like an old women) but even as a teenager myself I know the difference between fashion and prostitute!!

Some skirts are so short their almost belts!!!
and what is with the need to show the world your belly button!! Guess what I have one too so does that person there and that person there ok! Everyone has one put it away!!!!

OMG! The attitudes if some of these girls and they way they feel it’s acceptable to behave!!!
It’s totally atrocious!

Ok example, A person I know whos identity will remain confeditnial had thier 16th birthday recently now she went to the family holiday house  with 7 friends and her mum and got totally drunk, I’m talking so drunk she can’t even stand up. In what world is it acceptable for a 16-year-old to do that!!
Especially when it is illegal!!

This sort of behaviour is shocking to say the least and if that is the way my peers feel that, that is the way to fit in to our society as adults what message are they recieving from the media and adults for them to believe that it is ok??

Socially Awkward friends

July 29, 2011

Ok so I’m sure that the people reading this have either been to or are currently attending highschool?
Am I right?

So I’m sure you will all know about the cliques that are formed there you know:
The Cool kids
The Jocks
The Nerds
The Punks/ Emo’s/ Goth’s
The Performing artisits
The artisits
The Ones who still think life is the bees knees and have mummy make them lunch every day

You see where I’m going?

So what happens to the rest of us?
What about all the people who are to shy to fit in or just cant say the right thing because they get to nervous or maybe they just dont want to conform to the sterotype the closest resemble?
What happens to them???

I’ll tell you what happens they create their own group.
This group is the outkasts the leftovers the people who just want to be themselves!

They are usally avoided my all other groups because their wierd.
Well guess what world!!
We know we’re wierd!!!
We know you don’t like us!!
and guess what!!
We don’t care!!!

And you know why we don’t care??
Because we have each other and we don’t feel the need to please each other or conform to somebody elses idea of normal!!

Because we are just fine being on our own!!

Hey there!

July 29, 2011

Hello my name is Emily!

I live in the small country of New Zealand!!
I am 15 and I attend High School!!
I am currently and aspiring Actress, Model or Radio Broadcaster!

My High school has upwards of 2000 students and I am currently working towards being Head Girl!
My intrests include Performing arts and science!
I can be seen as a Know all Nerd Especially in the fields of Chemistry and Physics.

When I’m not in our schools science labs, I can be found outside playing Football (Soccer) or Field Hockey with my friends 🙂

Aswell as a Drama and sport I am a musician (If u haven’t figured it out I like to be in the spotlight) 😛

I live a good life and an accepting person of other people, I am also able to accept myself as a person which gives me the confidence to set myself apart from the crowd!