Hey there!

July 29, 2011

Hello my name is Emily!

I live in the small country of New Zealand!!
I am 15 and I attend High School!!
I am currently and aspiring Actress, Model or Radio Broadcaster!

My High school has upwards of 2000 students and I am currently working towards being Head Girl!
My intrests include Performing arts and science!
I can be seen as a Know all Nerd Especially in the fields of Chemistry and Physics.

When I’m not in our schools science labs, I can be found outside playing Football (Soccer) or Field Hockey with my friends 🙂

Aswell as a Drama and sport I am a musician (If u haven’t figured it out I like to be in the spotlight) 😛

I live a good life and an accepting person of other people, I am also able to accept myself as a person which gives me the confidence to set myself apart from the crowd!


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