Socially Awkward friends

July 29, 2011

Ok so I’m sure that the people reading this have either been to or are currently attending highschool?
Am I right?

So I’m sure you will all know about the cliques that are formed there you know:
The Cool kids
The Jocks
The Nerds
The Punks/ Emo’s/ Goth’s
The Performing artisits
The artisits
The Ones who still think life is the bees knees and have mummy make them lunch every day

You see where I’m going?

So what happens to the rest of us?
What about all the people who are to shy to fit in or just cant say the right thing because they get to nervous or maybe they just dont want to conform to the sterotype the closest resemble?
What happens to them???

I’ll tell you what happens they create their own group.
This group is the outkasts the leftovers the people who just want to be themselves!

They are usally avoided my all other groups because their wierd.
Well guess what world!!
We know we’re wierd!!!
We know you don’t like us!!
and guess what!!
We don’t care!!!

And you know why we don’t care??
Because we have each other and we don’t feel the need to please each other or conform to somebody elses idea of normal!!

Because we are just fine being on our own!!


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