A Rebel in Society

August 3, 2011

Ok now before I begin I want you to know I am not in any way saying that I am a rebel. Good now that, that’s cleared up.

Recently in English my class has been studying the theme of identity so I thought ‘Hey why not make a blog about it!’
You know as you do.

One of the main points of identity we have looked at is the whole idea of outkasts, the people who are left out because thier diffrent, now I love this topic I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I can identify myself to be like these people or just because I like the idea of someone finally getting off their ass and doing something! Probably both.

We studided a Poem called ‘Calabash Breakers’ by Selina Tusitala Marsh (Just incase you wanted to read it)
And pretty much what it says is that it is the people who rebel, stick up for themselves and stick up for what they believe in are the people who are going to go somewhere and solve the big problems our world is going to face.
For what is pretty much a bunch of diffrent sterotypes written in a list with a few metaphors thrown in, I love what it says.

I have spent the last 2 and bit years at high school trying to fit and be part of a group then I realised that people can either hate you for being an individual (which is in no way your fault) or you can meet a bunch of like minded people and all be happy.
So after much consideration I decided that being yourself is way cooler than ever trying to be cool. Plus when you are your self all the time you can pretty muc gaurentee that people are going to like you for who you are and not the way they think you are or what you want them to think you are.

Another Poem we studied called ‘For Albert Wendt on his Birthday’ by Karlo Mila is al about this poet named (conveniantly) Albert Wendt. What this one was about was all the ways Wendt has become part of Samoa’s society, culture and history. This was all due to the way he wasn’t a fraid to write about the things some people might find a little bit sensetive and changed the way people thought about controversial topics.

Albert Wendt is the kind of person I inspire to be. I reckon more people should be looking at the people like him who can change the way people think and who aren’t afraid to tell society thier thoughts and opinions or make the people ask questions that could lead to answers that might contradict said persons usally ideas on a subject.

I think if our world was more like the rebels, the outkasts and the Albert Wendts of the world alot more of the issues we have would be solved.

So what are you waiting for be an individual and Stand up for what you believe in whether it be yourself a friend or an idea because who knows maybe you could be the next leader?


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