I’m sorry

August 9, 2011

This blog was going to be one big apology about how I haven’t posted anything in ages.
But then I realised I don’t need to apologize because i’m not sorry, while yes I would love to say I was indeed sorry I can’t because i’m not so deal with it.

You know why I haven’t posted anything beacuse I am slowly running out of ideas I mean I’m sorry but it is hard to think of something to write about everyday!
This is simply beacause I don’ t have enough inspiration in my life. I go to High school where ‘the man’ practically strips every inch of individuality and doesn’t let you do anything.

Now I realise that there are rules for a reason, but when you are getting a detention for having a hair tie that isn’t black or white there has to be some point of insanity! 

But back to the point no i’m not sorry yes this is a pathetic exscuse for a blog and I have no inspiration for a new blog due to lack of time and such strict rules I feel like I can compare my high school to a communist country.

 (Not sorry but it’s true) 


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